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Ty'r Cymry,

11 Gordon Road,

Caerdydd, CF24 3AJ

T: 029 2049 1888   

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10:00am - 2:00pm

E-mail address is or and the website can be accessed at

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Plaid Cymru Credit Union: serving Plaid members and their Families

A credit union is a financial co-operative owned & controlled by its members. It provides easy-to-access savings and affordable loans.


Every person who saves in a credit union is an owner and has an equal say in its running. Members are encouraged to take an active & genuine interest in the management & control of the credit union they own. Training will be provided to ensure that volunteers have the required skills & knowledge to perform their duties.

The three main committees who manage and control a credit union are made up of volunteers from the members. They are:

- Board of Directors

- Credit Committee

- Supervisory Committee

If you wish to find out further details about the work of the committees with the credit union please contact us.

Registered office: Ty'r Cymry, 11 Gordon Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AJ

Y tudalen hon yn Gymraeg


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Gwynfor Evans, our first Hon. President, spoke of our country as being a ‘community of communities’. The Plaid Cymru Credit Union is a community of nationalists working together for the good of all. It is a practical demonstration of the party’s philosophy of people co-operating in building a confident and independent Wales.

A credit union is owned by its members. The Plaid Cymru Credit Union works for members, their families, party branches  & small family businesses.  At the end of the financial year 1st October 2015 - 30th September 2016 the running total of loans was £2,234,426.  On 30th September 2015 the total of loans was £102,180 while the shares [savings] on the same date were £487,618.

 Our accounts are professionally audited.  All credit unions are regulated and inspected by the Financial Services Authority. The Plaid Cymru Credit Union is a member of ABCUL which the largest trade association for credit unions in the British Isles.

We are not alone as there are over 600 credit unions in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & England with over a quarter of a million members.

Saving money means that you have both something to look forward to and something to fall back on. The dividend [interest] for 2015 -2016 was 1.5%.  Our low-cost loans have no hidden charges or fees.

Join today. The Plaid Cymru Credit Union --- our national financial institution

Credit Unions in Wales,

Scotland & England.

Credit Unions are growing steadily and are in a strong position develop further.

In Wales, Scotland and England:

[Sources: Financial Services Authority un-audited figures June 2012, ABCUL.]

Credit Unions  – a global family

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[Source: WOCCU 2011 Statistical Report, data are current as of December 31, 2011.]
[*Penetration rate is calculated by dividing the total number of reported credit union members by the economically active population age 15-64 years old.]